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SUPRA - Sustainable Production by Automation

The 23 network partner

3D-Metall Theobald e. K.

3D-Metall Theobald e.K. offers a specialized production system for the rapid manufacture of individual parts, prototypes and small series. The focus is on products with a high level of detail and good surface quality, which is supported by the corresponding infrastructure of the machine park. Structures from 0.1 mm can be resolved in this way. They offer services such as rapid prototyping, 3D printing and additive manufacturing of metal parts. With the help of modern technologies and experienced employees, they can quickly and precisely manufacture their products for various industries such as automotive, medical technology and mechanical engineering.


As a certified manufacturer of steel structures for the entire construction sector, AK Anatol covers the entire vertical range of manufacture in-house. In addition to the manufacturing processes of cutting and joining, the company has expertise and tools for powder coating of such steel structures. Since its foundation in 2004, the company has established itself on the market as a system supplier with know-how in the production of constructions with different materials. Due to the excellent links to the research landscape, AK Anatol has access to the latest findings and state-of-the-art technologies. The company from Zary supports the network on the one hand with its wide range of production and on the other hand as a partner in projects for optimization and substitution of conventional production technologies.

ARC Solutions GmbH

ARC Solutions GmbH s a software system house for development, manufacturing, standardization and maintenance oriented towards the success of its customers. In trusting partnership with their customers, they design integrated, future-proof solutions for the product lifecycle (PLM) including strategic parts and master data management. To this end, standard systems from leading providers such as Siemens PLM Software are linked with the company's own REMARC series products.As a service provider to the manufacturing industry, ARC Solutions has a high level of expertise in the use, management and linking of product-relevant data. This is always a challenge when introducing and efficiently using virtual technologies. ARC Solutions GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

BMF GmbH - Bernstein Mechanische Fertigung

The BMF GmbH is specialized in the production, especially milling, turning and grinding, of individual parts, small series and prototypes. Highly qualified employees use the most modern machines to implement individual customer wishes in a production-ready manner. In addition, the company offers innovative blasting systems in its service portfolio. These enable uniform and reproducible surface structures with minimal technical and energy input. The central blast wheel with the patented blade geometry throws the blasting medium against the components located on a satellite image. The workpieces are moved on a conical orbit around the rotating blast wheel. This novel arrangement of the functional elements and their kinematics (superimposition of rotary and swivel movements) result in the surfaces of the parts to be processed being blasted uniformly, thus achieving an optimum surface quality.

DeSonic GmbH

DeSonic GmbH, based in Chemnitz, is a manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems and water-based cleaning systems in standard and special system construction. From the ultrasonic generator to the fully automatic cleaning system, the company serves everything from a single source and from its own production and relies on innovative systems for optimal operation and control. The various services, such as rental, cleaning, system and maintenance services, complement the company portfolio.

Dr. Binde Ingenieure, Design & Engineering GmbH

As an experienced partner, Dr. Binde Ingenieure, Design & Engineering GmbH has stood for innovative product developments and services in the field of CAE for more than 20 years. As a specialist in the field of "Predictive Engineering", the company offers its services around MKS, FEM, CFD and EMAG analyses. Furthermore, the know-how is transferred to customers within the scope of consulting and training and they are supported in the integration of innovative technologies into the existing design process. As specialists for Siemens Simcenter and the modules Simcenter Pre/Post and Motion Simulation, Dr. Binde Ingenieure, Design & Engineering GmbH offers its entire competence and performance for calculation and simulation tasks with a focus on linear and non-linear structural analysis, electromagnetic, thermal and flow calculation and kinematic/dynamic simulation.


Ekoenergetyka-Polska was founded in Zielona Góra in 2009 and currently employs more than 700 people. Ekoenergetyka is a pioneer in electromobility. In the development of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, ekoenergetyka is the industry leader and one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance charging infrastructure. It offers solutions for manufacturers of electric cars, buses and trucks as well as operators of charging networks and charging points. The products are already being sold in 28 countries, including Germany, France, Poland, Norway and Sweden.

Flender GmbH

The Flender GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of gearboxes, industrial couplings and additional components for gearbox peripherals. The company embodies comprehensive know-how in all areas of mechanical drive technology. As a Siemens subsidiary, Flender GmbH combines the process reliability and stability of a global corporation with the customer proximity and pragmatic approach of a medium-sized company. The plant in Penig, with its wide range and depth of production, acts as a test field for new Industry 4.0 technologies within the network and is available for consultation.

GBZ Mannheim GmbH & Co. KG

GBZ Mannheim GmbH & Co. KG is an established manufacturer of inductors, cutting tools, tools for processing cables and plastic pipes. Tools and spare parts are designed, developed and manufactured for a wide range of applications in mechanical engineering. The company has technological expertise and customer contacts in numerous industries such as the printing industry, energy supply, automotive and their supply industries.

H+E Produktentwicklung GmbH

As an engineering service provider and contract manufacturer,H+E Produktentwicklung GmbH offers solutions for a wide range of industries. These include, among others, tool and mold making, appliance, household and medical technology, aerospace, automotive and special machine construction. H+E GmbH's portfolio includes research and development, simulation, prototype production, post-processing, testing and documentation. Manufacturing processes for machining and additive component production are combined. The network partner has extensive knowledge of post-processing and surface refinement of additively manufactured components. The close exchange with both end customers and manufacturing partners, especially in the area of surface finishing and coating, enables a deep understanding of criteria regarding suitable geometric sizes (units of measurement) and their determination with appropriate measuring devices in the industrial environment.

ibs automation GmbH

Die ibs Automation develops innovative CNC control solutions for intelligent guidance of the tool center point (TCP) in dynamic machining and machining processes. Specifically, this requires the linking of complex CNC controls, high-resolution sensors with the respective process requirements and the mechanic. For this, the highest level of competence and experience in these areas and their combination are indispensable. In addition to portal systems and special machines, the solutions are used in particular in robotics and convince across all sectors thanks to their worldwide use.

A wide range of development topics are worked on together with university facilities, institutes and industrial customers with the aim of enabling new and innovative solutions for a wide variety of manufacturing technologies as well as plant and control concepts and ensuring a continuous increase in competence.

LUMEL Alucast Sp. z o.o.

Lumel Alucast Sp. z o.o. is a leading manufacturer of high pressure aluminum castings with over 70 years of experience. They offer complete solutions from design to assembly and serve various industries such as automotive and lighting. Their modern machinery and innovative technologies make it possible to identify the needs of the industry at an early stage and develop future-proof products, including automated processes and real-time object recognition.


Since 1953, LUMEL has been known all over the world as a manufacturer of high-quality industrial automation equipment and high-pressure castings. In 2020, Lumel was recognized as one of the world's leading manufacturers of transmitters, analyzers of network parameter and analog measurement devices. In addition to manufacturing devices, LUMEL specializes in comprehensive solutions for: monitoring and optimizing the costs of electricity and other media (water, gas, compressed air), monitoring systems for environmental parameters: temperature, humidity, light intensity, CO2, volatile substances, photovoltaic systems for business and private customers and services in the area: OEM services in the field of housing design, electronics, mechanics, hardware and software. All under one roof, EMS services, ODM services.

µ-Tec GmbH

The µ-Tec is a specialist provider in mold and tool construction for injection molds and here also and especially for multi-component parts. The specialization of the molds extends from the functionalization of surfaces of the end product (e.g. optical properties, precision, faceting, ...), to the production of hybrid parts (e.g. by overmoulding inserts or by forming in the injection molding process) to the use of special plastics (through the introduction of ventilation or vacuuming). In addition to extraordinarily flexible production structures and high quality standards, the high level of professional competence of the employees contributes to the company's success. In addition, the company is characterized by strong social commitment (dream company 2019/2020) and practices sustainability and environmental protection as a corporate philosophy.

Perceptus sp. z o. o.

Since 2008 Perceptus Since 2008, Perceptus has been supporting institutional and business partners in creating the secure IT environment that will enable them to achieve their business goals. Perceptus performs the full analysis of customer needs based on many years of experience gained during implementations and tests in customer environments. Perceptus builds and optimizes dedicated IT infrastructures, specializing in the broad field of cybersecurity, dealing with data encryption, backup and archiving, virtualization, network and employee monitoring systems, and endpoint security software.


SECO/WARWICK S.A. offers precise and energy-efficient vacuum systems as well as other solutions for heat treatment and metallurgy. With over 50 years of experience, the company serves various industries including aerospace, automotive and medical. Through close collaboration with network partners, the needs of the industry are identified at an early stage in order to develop future-proof products and services.


With around 86,000 employees and several thousand trainees, Siemens is one of the largest private employers and training companies as well as one of the leading German technology groups in the fields of industry, infrastructure and mobility.

In the field of automation technology and robotics, Siemens offers solutions for the control and monitoring of production processes, the automation of buildings and the development of robot systems. They offer products such as control systems, sensors and actuators, drives and control technology and also offer services such as industrial services, training and technical support. You work closely with customers from different industries, such as automotive, chemical, food and pharmaceutical.

Siemens also has a strong presence in robotics, both in the production of industrial robotic systems and in the development of software solutions for controlling and programming robots. They offer classic industrial robots and work closely with customers to develop customized solutions for their automation needs.

Sächsische Textilforschungsinstitut e.V.

The Sächsische Textilforschungsinstitut e.V. (STFI) has been an important innovation partner and service provider for its customers for 30 years. It addresses technical and social questions with an open, interdisciplinary and reliable approach. The institute's work focuses on the areas of technical textiles, nonwovens, lightweight textile construction, functionalization, recycling, digitalization and Industry 4.0. In addition, the STFI has many years of experience and expertise in testing and certifying personal protective equipment (PPE) and geosynthetics. In the future, the STFI is increasingly focusing on contemporary and application-oriented research by establishing the Center for Textile Sustainability. As an affiliated institute of Chemnitz University of Technology, the STFI strengthens interdisciplinary collaboration through its membership in the network and opens up new fields of application along the textile value chain.


Chemnitz University of Technology

Professorship for Corporate Accounting and Controlling (BWL3)

The teaching and research area of the Professorship for Corporate Accounting and Controlling (BWL3) includes strategic management as well as investment accounting and management. Under the direction of Prof. Dr. Prof. h. c. Uwe Götze researches and teaches in the areas of cost accounting, cost management and cost-oriented product development. Controlling and general management techniques are also among the research fields of the Professorship of Business Administration III. In the network, the work content is increasingly based on the cost accounting of products, processes and services that are available to companies as Industry 4.0 technologies. In addition to concrete application scenarios, the costs as well as the monetary and technological potential are made accessible to a wide range of interested parties.

Chemnitz University of Technology

Professorship Composites and Material Compounds (PVW)

The Professorship Composites and Material Compounds (PVW) deals with the production and characterization of metal, ceramic and polymer matrix composites as well as the suitable combination of foreign material groups to innovative material composites. Further research focuses include low-heat joining processes with ultrasonic support as well as the development of brazing processes for various material combinations. The professorship has extensive expertise in the field of alloy development and metallurgy as well as extensive possibilities for material characterization. Based on this expertise, the Professorship of Composite Materials and Composite Materials will significantly support developments in the field of manufacturing process development, where alternative approaches for the structural design of compliant robot systems are being developed.

Chemnitz University of Technology

Professorship for Corporate Environmental Management and Sustainability (BWL8)

The Professorship for Corporate Environmental Management and Sustainability (BWL8) is clearly located in the research focus of the faculty, supports the UN initiative PRME and includes the 17 global sustainability goals. The professorship actively promotes the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) initiative, supported by the United Nations (UN), with its six principles of purpose, value, method, research, partnership and dialogue. The professorship actively integrates BNE, education for sustainable development, into research and teaching.

Sustainably oriented skills include university, education-related, professional, social, private, entrepreneurial and governmental action. Competence training for the realization of sustainability is actively integrated into the research and education process in order to implement education for sustainable development.

The challenges of sustainability and sustainable development are often complex, non-trivial, multi- and interdisciplinary and systemic. This requires adequate and innovative concepts and solutions. In addition to business and social science concepts in interdisciplinary cooperation, the following research priorities are deepened:

  • Strategic environmental and sustainability management
  • Innovation and change concepts for environmental protection and promotion of sustainable development
  • Inter- and transdisciplinary sustainability research
  • BNE - Education for Sustainable Development in Economics and Social Sciences

Chemnitz University of Technology

Professorship Production systemes and -processes (PSP)

A wide range of machinery, state-of-the-art robots, 3D sensor technology and interaction devices as well as best-equipped laboratories enable the Professorship Production Systems and Processes (PSP) under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Dix with the experience of application-oriented projects together with industrial partners to realize future-oriented research and development tasks in the context of Industry 4.0. The Chair of Production Systems and Processes is divided into three departments: Machine Tools and Machining Technologies, Process Informatics and Virtual Production, and Control Engineering:

  • The department of Machine Tools and Machining Technologies sees itself as a designer and developer of efficient machining technologies and process chains as well as novel methods for the analysis and optimization of machine tools. Its research focus includes resource-efficient process and manufacturing design, application-oriented evaluation of machine tools and their components, and cooling (lubrication) concepts for efficient high-performance machining.
  • The division process fnformatics / virtual product development researches in an interdisciplinary team innovative, virtual techniques for application in industrial environments. The applications range from virtual reality (VR)-supported design reviews or trade fair presentations using a mobile VR system to complex industry 4.0 solutions.
  • As a competence partner for the control and regulation of mechatronic systems in research, industry and teaching, the expertise of the division of control and feedback control technology lies in the identification of mechatronic systems, the controller design under consideration of various criteria as well as in control loop performance monitoring, among others for mechatronic systems.

Uniwersytet Zielonogórski

The University of Zielona Góra is a state university, which resulted from the merger of the Politechnikum Zielona Góra and the Pedagogical University in 2001. With more than 18,000 students and 10 faculties, it is very diversified and closely linked to the regional economy through numerous partnerships. Several centres are associated with the University, such as the Science and Technology Park, the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer and the Institute of Highway Technologies and Innovations. With the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, the network is supported by a competent and well-connected partner that is well established in research and teaching. Thanks to its research and educational activities, the Faculty popularizes modern design, technology, educational, organizational and social solutions. The Faculty offers services ranging from the innovative application of theoretical knowledge in various fields such as mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, organization and management to sociological and social expertise. The Faculty employs highly qualified scientific staff and cooperates with numerous academic centres in Germany and abroad. As a regional market leader in scientific research and teaching in the fields of mechanical engineering, materials engineering, biomedical engineering, business administration and production engineering as well as safety engineering, the faculty trains competent specialist staff. Within the network, Uniwersytet Zielonogórski assumes the role of international coordinator and supports research in the fields of machine and process monitoring, sensor technology and machine learning. It is the direct contact for the regional Polish companies and is in close coordination with the network management at the TU Chemnitz.